The Girl Who Once Dreamt Of Becoming A Flight Attendant

It all started when my second grade teacher asked us to write our ambitions on a piece of paper. Most of my classmates wanted to be a doctor, a teacher or a policeman but I always wanted to be a flight attendant. I wanted to travel the world for free, see different people and culture. Whenever I see an airplane or go to the airport to meet my sister from abroad, I get so excited and always tell myself that soon I will be one of those girls walking straight and proud.

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Until I reached college and took up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, I still dreamt of becoming a flight attendant. Then, I landed my first job on an export company but I never forgot my ambition. So I tried applying on local airlines but they were too strict with the requirements and I lost confidence. I’m just 5’2 in height and you see, they require at least 5’5 (Poor me). I quit my first job and got an offer in an NCLEX processing center before I decided to work abroad as an admin staff.  I have a fair job here, outside of the Philippines. I work in a transportation company and  almost everyday I get to ride in luxury cars. From Ferraris to Lamborghinis, Mclarens to Mercedes with a driver on my way to work. From an economy car to a stretched limousine ride. I tried it all. My friends envy me because aside from the rides, I get free VIP tickets to concerts. Sure, it’s fun but you’ll feel bored with the same routine everyday.

While living abroad, I have learned that you don’t need to be that tall  nor have a fair skin to be a flight attendant and hey, they accept high school graduates (so, rejoice!). I have tried applying to International airlines and in fact, I got invited for an interview many times but I didn’t have the courage to attend them. I was scared, scared because I am so comfortable with the place where I am working now but too bored that I want to quit. I just realized that I don’t want to be a flight attendant  and don’t want to work as an admin staff. I want to be a traveler and write about my travels.  You may think that that’s what your ambition in life is but you will soon see that life has much more to offer. It will take a lot of detours and patience but I’ll be there soon