Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Night

I got a discount code for the Mary Poppins show in  the Dubai Opera last week. I rushed myself to book in order to get a good slot. Fortunately, I got the second front row which was close to the stage. I was booked last Saturday evening and left the house early to meet my friends in Dubai Mall but end up running to the venue as we caught up eating and  forgot that it will take time to reach the area. We reached the Dubai Opera on time (thank God we didn’t miss any acts) .

It was an amazing experience for me as I am fond of watching plays even when I was still in the Philippines. If you watched the movie and enjoyed it , I can assure you that you will have a fantastic night after watching it. Here are some photos of me and my friends during the 30-minute break from the play.

P.S You are not allowed to use your mobile phones or any camera during show as it might distract  the artists.


Burj Khalifa back drop


good show, good company

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in between breaks


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Upper Box


Mary Poppins souvenirs


yes, they do serve foods here

Me on Ice

When was the last time you did something for the first time that you really wanted to try since you were a kid? I remember when i was on second grade my sister would always drag us to the mall to do ice skating. Yes, we used to have an ice skating rink in my hometown( Cebu ) before but, i didn’t know why they closed. Whenever my sister would bring us to the mall to try it, i always get sick a day before so i never got the chance to skate until the mall decided to take it off.

I’ve been here in Dubai for almost 3 years now and I’ve never really got the nerve to try it in Dubai Mall. I’m scared that i might fall down and someone might cut my fingers accidentally by the blades (I’ve seen it a lot in youtube). Okay, enough of these stupid imaginations. I finally had the guts to try it over a week ago. For the first 10 minutes, I was trying to find my balance and just kept holding on the side. Then, i finally learned to walk without any guide. I can even turn around. Infact, i was doing a great job. I never fell down or maybe i’m just trying not to because maybe someone might run over me and cutmy fingers. hahah .I had so much fun doing it and I will probably do it again soon





i can skate…yahhoo!


Holi Festival in Dubai

Holi is a spring festival, also known as the festival of colours or the festival of love. One of the most popular festivals in India. I was curious about it and decided to visit the park where they held the festival. I bought  my ticket in the entrance for 70aed.It’s a must (not really) that people celebrating the festival should wear white.Once you’re in the area, people will start throwing you colors (don’t worry it’s organic) or wiping colors on your face or on your shirt. Everyone is happy and having fun.I guess that’s the highlight of the festival

THE ARTPOP BALL: Lady G in Dubai

After 4 days(10 hours in the office each day,no off ) of coordinating/arranging vehicles for Lady Gaga and to her crew…it’s time to party. Don’t you wish you have a job like mine? Sorry for the low quality of the photos.I was just using my phone.

that’s her travel and transport movement order on the background

the venue

the wrong entrance gate

the crowd

we got access to this area…see that macarons?heaven!

free drinks for the VIPs

Random Limo ride with Friends

Strolling Dubai on this vehicle.

tried the Audi Q7 stretch limousine.Thanks

another limo ride with friends to Atlantis The Palm for some adventure

The Wayans Brothers Show in Dubai

If you thought their movies were funny, wait till you see them live!


Drink Responsibly


Sheikh Zayed Road


Shawn Wayans


Marlon Wayans