Embracing Imperfections


In the light, our shadows look the same.

How many times were you called fat and ugly? I heard it many times in my life from my neighbors, classmates, friends and just random people. I don’t have a flawless skin, I have scars on my legs but I have stories on them. Stories of how much I enjoyed my childhood – from climbing trees, cycling around my neighborhood, playing on the ground and swimming in a public beach.
I lived in a community were fair and white skinned people are treated like a royalty. It’s a synonym for being rich and beautiful. They get all the appreciation whereas, people like me with brown skin was like an equivalent to ugly, dirty, and poor. I grew up with a lot of insecurities in life. I grew up comparing myself to others. I wished that I look like this and that. I wished that I had a flawless white skin or a the perfect nose. Believe me, I tried all the whitening lotions and soaps and scar removal creams. Name it. Been there and done that. Yes, it works. My skin went 5 times clearer than before. Then, I stop using all these things. I stopped because I realized that these were just superficial. That skin color or the size of your body is not a measurement of how you are as a person. I am starting to appreciate me, my skin color, the size of my body, my scars and my stretch marks and all that is perfectly imperfect.
I remember not so long ago, a high school classmate of mine commented on one of our common friend’s photo on Facebook, bullying me. Stating that I acted beautifully when the truth is I’m not and to top it off she called me names which were rude. After reading the comment, it made me wonder and I started questioning myself, “ am I that I ugly?”. I looked at myself in the mirror, touching the parts of my body that were not perfect in their eyes and said “If I’ll have this done and that, maybe I’ll be pretty enough for them”. But then, it will not be me. This is the real me and I love everything about me, even the fats in my belly, the scars and the stretch marks on my body. I’m not ashamed of my flaws and I will continue acting pretty and sexy because this is my life. Ladies remember, you are beautiful. Don’t let a single comment question your confidence. Let’s stop online Bullying!

I gained 7 kilos. I’m now 46kg from 39kg.
Yes, I’m fat but I’m not.

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