Ramadan Heat in Fujairah

I have finally completed the 7 emirates and Fujairah was my last stop. Ramadan is the perfect timing to go on a road trip because the office hours are shortened and the traffic is less. I hurried myself home to pack as i needed to catch the bus going to Fujairah at 16:45, The bus leaves every hour from Union Metro Station. The fare is 25aed per way and you need to top up your nol card since you will be using it to check in the bus. The bus will leave the station right away if it’s full and will leave on the exact time if it’s not full. The travel time will take two hours with no stops so better bring some food and drinks with you. While on the road you will see a lot of rock formations and some fruit and carpet stands which makes you wish that you used your own car instead of getting in the bus so you can take a shot of the rock formations. I arrived Fujairah around 9pm and took a taxi going to Hilton which cost me 10aed.The hotel was small and old but it’s clean and the staffs were very accommodating. The room was pretty neat. The only downside was the washroom. I’m very meticulous when it comes to the bed and washrooms. They don’t have the sprinkler in the toilet. I prefer water than tissues.

I checked the facilities of the hotel.They have one swimming pool, a gym, a bar and yes the beach. They even have a bar near the beach but since it’s Ramadan, it was closed. I also had my breakfast served in the room since i find it more respectful to the Muslim guests who are fasting. It was really hot during that day but i still took a dip. The water was cold which makes it equal to the weather.

I always opt for a late check-out which is 13:00.It gives me ample of time to enjoy the resort and to prepare my things. Fujairah has nothing much to offer aside from the rocky formation and some museums. I didn’t visit one since it’s Friday and most establishments opens late. Below are the photos i took during my trip.


dinner buffet 


glass walls


the corridor  


breakfast for the champions 


sun bed near the beach


they only have one swimming pool


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