I sea food in Deira

Last night  i decided to dine in to the  most talked-about restaurant – Dampa Seafood Restaurant.


It’s located at the back side of Day to Day near Deira City Center, a 5 minute walk away from the Metro station. When i reached the restaurant. It was packed with a lot of people.So, we were on the 20th of the waiting list. It was hot outside and some people already lost their patience in waiting and opt to dine in the restaurants nearby. When our name were called, we were asked if it’s fine for us to sit outside since  the place was full and it was the only table available. Since, we didn’t  want to wait any longer ( did i mentioned that we waited for an hour for a table?),we took the table. We were given the menu by one of the friendly staffs.They have a very accommodating and friendly staffs by the way.


We chose Dump-@-Seafest which costs 139aed.  It had grilled mussels,shrimps, crabs and corn.



Its good for 3 people and it has 2 liters of drinks.You can choose to have 1 liter each of different mocktails. We had an Incredible Hulk which was infused with cucumber and lemon and Sex Appeal, an iced tea with peaches and lemon.


 Sex Appeal and Incredible Hulk 

The food was not that special. It was just a normal seafood restaurant that you can find anywhere. In my opinion, people are so eager to try it because it’s hard to find a seafood restaurant here in Dubai at a very affordable price. Don’t hate me for giving a 3 star out of 5. I grew up in a place where you can have fresh seafood anytime you want and seafood restaurants in my place is just everywhere and not to mention you can do live cooking.But for now i can settle on this till i get home. It was worth a try and I would still recommend it to people who want to indulge on the bounty of the sea.

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