Marinated under Umm Al Quwain Sun

    I just arrived from my vacation in Morocco and after resting for 2 days im now back to my daily 9-7 schedule with one day off. Another weekend means another emirateto visit. I have decided to visit Umm Al Quwain this time.It takes an hour a way from Dubai. I took a taxi from Sharjah which cost me around 60aed to take me to Umm Al  Quwain proper from there i took a local taxi to take me to Flamingo Beach Resort. Their local taxi does not use a meter. You can pay whatever you want, well at least the minimum fare which 10aed.When i arrived at the hotel, it was so quiet and serene or maybe because i arrived so late. There was mini bar near the swimming pool which they served alcoholic drinks and food.The bar is open until 23:00.


outside bar

After i lodged my bag in the room i decided to explore the hotel and the beach of course. There were some gentleman and kids fishing near the shore. I was appalled that the water was so clear that i can see the fishes swimming. I simply relaxed in one of the cottages near the shore and enjoyed watching the sea meeting the night sky in the horizon. It was around 1am when i decided to go back to my room and just watch television until I dozed off.



I woke up around 7 and went straight to the breakfast area. Breakfast was not that great but it was ok to start the day. After taking my breakfast, i headed straight to the beach and baked myself under the sun. I love the smell of the sea and how the islets around the area are placed interestingly. They reminded me of home. You can still see some guest fishing and boat riding. Fishing is free of charge as long as you bring your own fishing rod.



fishing port

The hotel also has some crab hunting activities from 17:00 to 20:00 for 250aed per head. They will cook the crabs for you and you can enjoy it together with the other hunters. It was a fun day and made me miss home more.




Shades from Aldo Accessories


I got my swim wear from Matalan shop in Al Ghurair Center




Denim dress from Bershka and bag and flats from Pull and Bear


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