the kid in me in Sharjah

Im out again and this time i visited Sharjah. If you are visiting from Dubai i suggest that you take a cab to Sahara Centre in the border between Dubai and Sharjah. Take a Sharjah taxi going to Al Qasba. Dubai taxi will charge you an extra 20aed for crossing the border line plus a salik fee AED4. I havent really got to go around the whole of Sharjah since they are a strict state. I get paranoid for wearing a summer dress because the people around me are all wearing Abayas and some even are covered totally but there eyes. There’s just an eerie feeling I get when I am in Sharjah, maybe its because you have to be on your tip-toe because you might do something that can either cost a fine or worse. So I went to Al Qasba. I saw this sky ranch last week when I got home from my weekend in Ajman. The place is really nice if you just want to chill.There’s a couple of coffee shops,restaurants and even some bookshops.It’s suitable for families since you can find a lot of rides for the kids and for the kids at heart.. I  rode the sky ranch. You have to get inline to get a ticket which will cost AED30. The staff will then escort you to your cabin which is airconditioned (good for summer). The ride is not at all scary given that you will be rotated 60 meters. You get to see a piece of the state while it rotates. Busy traffic, a man-made lake with an empty island in the middle of it. People riding jetskis, resedential buildings, majority of Al Qasba. After 5 turns in the sky ranch and a gazzilion pictures I took from above and everything that I can see, I decided to make a stroll around the place and ended up where the rides were. I saw this ride – forgot the name. It only rotates you from a slow 90 degrees to an 360 degrees. Yes, 360 exhilirating degrees. Before anything else, you need to of course buy a ticket which costs AED20 plus a AED2 fee for the card. I thought I’d scream my lungs out but I ended up enjoying the ride and just feeling it. How it sways back and forth. They said it is scary and i might puke after luckily I didn’t. Maybe I am not just the type that vomits after a gut twisting ride. After the ride, I enjoyed my late afternoon with someone just chit-chating over some caramel popcorn. We found a nice nifty spot to sit overlooking the lake. I was having a grand time until this one guy came and acted suspiciously. While we were walking to find a nice place to rest. I walked past him and the guy kept touching his manhood. Of course it bothered me, but I just chose to brush it off my shoulders. I wouldn’t want to ruin a good time just because of that. As I said, we found a nice spot to sit, talk and enjoy the popcorn and he kept on following me. The park was big and chances are, he was just roaming around. I decided to end the night and go home and when i was about to leave i noticed that he was still following me and even hid in one of the corners near the taxi stand, peeping at me. Feeling invaded, I called security to report what was happening. The guard willingly assisted me in finding the creep but with no luck. The guy ran really fast and hid and we can’t find him. It was a creepy and disgusting experience I ever had for my entire stay here in the Emirates.
 getting my sky ranch ticket
the view from above

a quick rest after the sky ranch ride

here’s a  full detail of what i wore.dress from New Look, bag from Pull & Bear, my comfy flats from Matalan and Pandora bracelet

eye of the emirates wheel

the 360 degrees ride

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