Bucket List

I’m already 30 and i feel like i haven’t done anything for myself. I’ve been working for almost 12 years for my family. I dont regret doing it but there are just some things and experiences that I haven’t done. Don’t get me wrong, seeing my family happy is my priority especially my mom. I always have her as my inspiration in life.I dedicate everything to her. I lost my mother November last year and i feel like i also died.Not just the half of me but the whole me. I still have my daughter to take care of and i know a lot people love me. I’m a reserved person and i am not great at showing my own emotions to other people. I always have this habit of keeping it to myself and suppressing the feelings. The truth is i lost myself, i don’t know who i am already and what i really want in my life. I am now on a process on finding myself back.So, im creating  my own bucketlist in hoping to  find the lost piece in me.I know, i can’t have my mom back but maybe someday i will  learn to let go and accept the fact that she’s gone. So, here’s the list i want to do.
* travel as much as i can (within The Philippines: Cebu, Masbate,Bohol, Bantayan Island,Dumaguete,Manila,Baguio,Batangas,Tagaytay,Camiguin,Sumilon Island, Boracay, Palawan Outside of the country: Austria,Czech Republic,Hong Kong,Morocco,Oman,Slovakia,UAE,)
*meet new friends around the world
*bungee jumping
*hot air balloon ride
*to do a Safari trip in Africa
*to see the northern or  southern lights
*learn to swim
*learn to drive
*camping near the beach and watch the stars
*Hello Kitty Birthday Theme
*make my own snowman
*swim with the Dolphins
*Cruise ship for 15 days
*scuba/helmet diving
*swim with the whale sharks

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