Hong Kong

Travel. Travel is defined as a journey especially to a distant or unfamiliar place (Merriam-Webster). I have asked a couple of people about what their dreams/ambitions are and without fail, ‘to travel’ is always mentioned. Maybe there is really something about travelling that entices people. The need for us to see a new world, meet different types of people or maybe just to be able to get away from it all, well at least for the meantime. As for me, I like shiny and new things. So much that I tend to forget what I already have just to get that shiny thing. I get awed by new things that are occurring in my life. The effects of this has it’s pros and cons and I am now trying to use this trait to a more pleasing effect. This is why I chose to travel. Venturing into an world gets me anxious but in a good way. So here I am, writing about my first travel outside of the country. My NCLEX applicant, now a very good friend of booked a ticket for me to accompany her in Hong Kong to take the NCLEX exam. It was the time when Chinese nationalities were being held hostage inside the bus in Manila and a lot of them were killed.There was an outrage between both countries and my friend was so scared to travel alone.She was living in Singapore that time and i was in Cebu. We just agreed to meet in the airport. Our first itinerary was to find the testing area so that it will be easy for us to find it the next day which her schedule.We spent nearly an hour looking for the building.Most of the Chinese people don’t speak english and we only relied to the map that we had.We found the place and after exploring the area had dinner nearby.You can find a lot of shops and restaurants and if you’re not that adventurous to try something new then you can always find some fast food chains everywhere.Our second day was more on waiting because she took her exam and the exam is 6 hours will depend on how you answer the questions.We spent our third day in Disneyland. It was fun and a very tiring day for us.I love rides so i tried everything what they have even if it’s for kids.Oh well, im skinny and petite so i think my weight is only of a 13 year old kid.On the fourth day was our shopping and souvenirs finding for our friends and family. We found a great place to shop where it’s cheap and you can really find a good deal.So i spent around ₱5000 just for shopping.We need to check out on our fourth day but we still had enough time to stroll the area since we had an evening flight.So we strolled near the Avenues mostly the main area.Hong Kong is really a great area to shop and at the same time feeling being a kid again.

our  hotel room

looking for the testing area

everyone is hungry after an hour of looking for the testing area

our second day

Dr. Sun Yat Sen Park

a quick breakfast in 7/11 before heading to Disneyland

look at those cute windows behind us

a ticket to my happiness

squeezing myself in

yes, we are in the happiest place on earth

in wonderland


the avenues


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